Application 1: vertical use for slabs | Application 2
KANEX sleeves are easily installed on the plywood (and extended where necessary) to provide a hole at this position when the concrete is poured in.

1. KANEX sleeve fastened on the plywood.
2. Sleeve (with extension) to provide a channel when the concrete is poured in.

Installing the Extension
NOTE: Extensions can add up to 10” to the existing Kanex canning sleeve.

  1. Fasten the Canning sleeve to the deck
  2. Slide the extension over the sleeve to the desired height required ( 10” maximum extension )
  3. Turn and lock the extension when at the desired height
  4. To prevent the extension from moving from its desired position during the concrete pour , we recommend screwing up to 4 flathead screws through the extension evenly around to the sleeve.